About the Academy

International Actor Academy is an organization created by

Vladyslav Cherniavskyi - Ukrainian actor and producer.

The goal of this organization is to increase the quality of Ukrainian and Eastern Europe actors performance.


We invite the best teachers from Europe and all over the world in such fields like stage fight, acting craft, speech and voice, self-management.

Since March 2018 we organized 25 events: workshops and master-classes with The British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat, acting workshops with Theo von Bomhard - acting teacher from Course Florent, Paris.

We had our masterclasses in Madrid, Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, and Chernihiv.

More than 300 actors, film directors, cinematographers, producers participated in our master-classes, lectures, and workshops.

People about us

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We are located in Kyiv, Ukraine